Sunday, October 9, 2011

This is Hannah and Emma with the Youth Pastor Uriel from "Cread" Church (white shirt).  Next to him (black shirt) is our new friend Ryann.  He is the Youth Pastor for Dave Waters' Church in Virginia.      

Sunday in Nicaragua

We attended Sunday morning service at "CREAD" church.  They invited the Nicaragua Missions worship team to join in with their worship band, "They (we) rocked the house".  What was pretty cool was that the Cread worship band was familiar with the songs we were singing.   Pastor Mike brought the message with Dave Waters interpreting.  After the service many congregants came forward for prayer.


Later that afternoon on our way back to the church for a Distribution, we encountered a tropical downpour.

We handed out 40 school paks to kids from the community who waited patiently for more than an hour for our arrival.  What a humbling and joyful feeling to see the expressions on the kids faces when they opened up their backpacks full of school supplies.    


This special young man’s name is Noel.  As a result of an accident when he was 8 months old he lost both of his legs.  In spite of his disability he had a positive disposition.  At 13 years of age he’s at a second grade learning level.  He was blessed by the school supplies, which will help him advance in his education, as his desire is to become a teacher.

It’s a privilege for us to hand out these backpacks that are not only filled with school supplies but with HOPE…and these smiles are result of the efforts and generosity of you…The Foothill Vineyard Church and friends!  The smiles on everyone’s faces are your smiles…and they truly say it all.

This is P. Mike, Mike R., Sarah & Karla signing off...till tomorrow as we will be traveling to Managua...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Loading all the School Paks at the airport in Managua

Here's a collection of photos of the first day of distributions to 80 children in the villages of Cayantu and San Lucas in Northern Nicaragua.  In some cases the children and their parents walked up to 2 hours to come to the events.  Our worship team of Karla Walters, Bill Pope, Mike Ramirez and Hannah Ramirez sang some songs - Pastor Mike gave a greeting and the children were presented with a Gospel message from our friend and partner Pastor Jerson Gonzalez.  There were faces filled with joy and excitement as they opened their Paks, with many thanks to all of you who provided them.

After the distribution we visited the home of a boy who was not able to attend due to a spinal disease.  The team gathered around and prayed for his healing and the well-being of his family.

Submitted by Craig Walters

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello from Nicaragua Central America. After departing LAX around 1:30AM Thursday and successfully getting all  school paks checked in we were asked to rearrange the contents of our "carry on" items according to some "new airline rules". Basically it was like plating musical chairs with our carry on clothes and personal items. ("Hey you take my shoes and I'll carry you shampoo and toothpaste.") We must have done alright because they let us board. With a short layover in San Salvador, (which only involved switching planes once!), we were on our way to Managua, Nicaragua. After landing and meeting old friends Jerson and Elias, our driver extraordinaire, we had lunch and a looong drive to Somoto for the night. It's a good thing he's and excellent driver 'cause he scares us to death. Bill (or as we fondly call him, Beeel) was asked to preach and sing at a local church while the rest of us had dinner. The folks at the restaurant changed the Spanish music to some 70's classics just for us. Go Bee Gees!

We then spent a short time packing around 50 paks for our first school pak distribution at a local village tomorrow morning. Lots of challenges today for sure, but none of them were a surprise to God who was faithful to bring us through. Gotta go, I think there's only two showers in the whole hotel so I'm talking mine tonight to avoid the MORNING RUSH! If you'd like to join us, meet the team in the hotel lobby at 8AM sharp. 

This is Mike Ramirez for the 2011 Nic Missions Team.

We've arrived! On our way to Somoto

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 Nicaragua Missions Trip

The 2011 Mission Team leaves for Nicaragua in 2 DAYS! This will be our 3rd year working with Mira Ministries Internationl to bring school supplies and uniforms to the children of Nicaragua.  We will arrive in Managua on Thursday, October 6th (meet up with Harrison and Alias again) and head to Somoto, our first stop.

Our mission this year also includes visits to Esteli, Bosquecito Orphanage, Matagala, La Concha, Granada and back to Managua.

Please come back to the blog, as we will be positing pictures and video throughout our journey.
The Team is EXCITED to see what the Lord has in store for us this year
Blessings, Sheila Barnett